Why you should use power bi for business analytics

Why you should use power bi for business analytics

Power BI is an on-premise and cloud-based Business Intelligence service provided by Microsoft and has been derived from its years of experience in relational databases like Access, SQL server etc. It is a business intelligence platform that helps businesses to analyzes data and shares powerful insights.

Here are some  reasons why Power BI is currently the best in the market. 

  1. Ease of Use

Power BI has a very simple and easy to use Interface. No programming experience is required to use Power BI. It has inbuilt intelligence which helps you to select attributes for your reports by suggesting the best reporting element.

  1. Easy to Learn

Power BI is developed on the founding platform of Excel and it follows a similar approach to design a report. Microsoft Excelis globally accepted and widely used software which makes Power BI easy to learn.

  1. Easy to Collaborate

Power BI comes with easy to collaborate options. The user can collaborate with co-workers to create interactive reports and dashboards in “app” workspaces. The user can compile dashboards and reports into apps and can publish them to a larger audience. Sharing dashboards or reports with a small audience is facilitated even over the Mobile App with Power BI.

  1. Cost Effective

Power BI desktop is free and the user can develop reports and dashboards that are easy and complex. The pro licenses of Power BI are within the affordable range (USD 10 per month). For a larger audience, Power BI has a premium option which allows you to customize costing based on your audience usage.

  1. Wide Coverage of Data Sources

Power BI comes with a wide range of connectors for data sources like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server database, MySQL database, Oracle database, IBM DB2 database, 

  1. Powerful Tool

Visualization -Microsoft has opened up the visualization SDK in Power BI. It has a huge library for custom visualization. Use this functionality, the users can customize the UI as per their need.

Data Shaping -Power BI offers a tool called Query Editor which is very flexible and powerful with tons of features. The most important aspect is that it is self-documenting. Data Modeling

Any BI solution is strong if the BI model is well-developed. Power BI comes with very efficient data modeling options based on their experience of SQL database and Cube technology.

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